10 Most Annoying iPhone Problems (And How To Solve Them!)

We all know that the iPhone is a fantastic invention, but the fact that it is not without its problems. The low battery life changes too ridiculous word recognition, there are times when we just want to slap against the wall, but we can not because the screen is so fragile! So here are our 10 most annoying iphone problems and tips on how to solve them!

first Low battery life

Problem: One of the most common pet peeves of the iPhone is that the battery runs out so fast, see Facebook, listening to some songs and send an e-mail or two, and suddenly you’re in the red

Solution: The best way is to save battery life, turn off all applications and notifications that you have not need, such as GPS, Wi-Fi and push notifications for apps need anything from her. For more advice on how to improve your iPhone battery life, check out the top 5 tips to increase the battery life of your iPhone.

2 The screen is easy


problem: I lost count of the amount of time I can drop my iPhone and I saw the sparkle thin screen into a thousand pieces, knowing well that have yet another premium on my insurance is stapled bill. The price of a touch-sensitive screen perfectly, that it is very easily broken.

Solution: Get a case. You must protect your iPhone against the elements of the Worlds, by investing in a difficult issue with a screen protector. Departure 5 incredibly stylish iPhone case 4 inspiration!

third music sounds Tinny speakers

Problem: I appreciate the quality of sound production, so when are my favorite songs blaring on my iPhone with a groan hail, it gives me want to scream! The built-in speakers for playing basic effects app sound play, but to pump the tunes OK, theyre just not good enough.

Solution: Invest in a good amount of Speakers for iPhone that lets you play your music as loud as you with good production sound quality, etc.. Try our 5 Great iPhone accessories for the music, if you’re a music lover!

fourth Will not learn new words in the dictionary

problem: self-correction is a fantastic, if you’re a sloppy writer like me, but if you want to use the slang or profanity, the iPhone can often be corrected for the right word

Solution: There are several ways to try to convince your iPhone in learning new words, but if you keep these words for Google to do so you have been. If you are looking for new words to Google in Safari force your iPhone to your dictionary of new words to remember and keep it forever. More iPhone tips, please advice!

The 5th

iPhone ringtones are terrible stock

Problem: I have the same ring for so long as I got my iPhone and when we go into a store, go at least three others to answer their phones. It’s pretty funny, but the Stock iPhone Ringtones are so boring!

. Solution: Check TonePad, you can create ringtones with music unique to your iPhone in seconds

sixth Mail archive delete e-mails rather than when you are in

“Edit” to go

problem: Since the 4.0 update for Mail, where she got rid of the trash button, as I do I archive e-mails Instead, they will edit or delete them. Frustrating!

Solution: You can disable the Edit button by changing Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendar> preferred email account. There, you can archive messages on or off. For more tips on your iPhone, see Tips.

iPhone seventh

Google Maps is not exactly close to your destination

Problem: Google Maps is great and it helped me find my way, so many times that I literally do not know how I managed without them. However, when I near my goal seems to fall exactly on zero!

Solution: Use the compass function on Google Maps for more detailed instructions. Launch of Google Maps and tap the crosshair in the lower left corner. It is the blue dot showing your current location on the map, click the icon again and a triangle appears beside the point: it indicates the direction on the map that the iPhone is facing, it is easier to browse P

eighth Some applications are paid terrible

Problem: In my work I have many applications and this really bothers me when I pay for an app that complete shit and can not obtain a reimbursement for tests


Solution: Many applications have a lite version that you test them for free before they can buy the Pro version, which is a good way to ensure you do not have your money! To receive the latest updates, tips and recommendations for iPhone applications and accessories, simply join our Facebook page.

ninth iPhone works very slowly

Problem: The first time I have my iPhone I was surprised how quickly it worked to my surprise sliding screen flick. However, as I have more music applications loaded on it, the response time for loading and the appeal has been much slower, which is very annoying!

Solution: If you free space on your iPhone, you will notice that it works much faster. Send your photos, music and seldom-used applications on the computer and the iPhone allowing air to breathe. Discover the top 5 tips to free space on your iPhone.

10th The next-generation iPhone still seems a lot Be Better

Problem: Every time a new iPhone is coming Theres always something to think about the back of the head, For me, that makes me wait for the next

<. p> Solution: Leave Steve Jobs and complain about her (Engineering) / a>

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