10 Best Leather Cases For iPhone 4

Have you ever wished that your iPhone could look a little more upscale? Of course, the reflective metallic sheen on the back for checking your teeth and wild hair of the session, but which could guarantee a follow up meeting an iPhone smoothie leather-bound 4 to arrive in time! Here I have a list of ten excellent leather case for iPhone 4 together.

first NeoGear Deluxe Carbon Fiber Leather Case for Apple iPhone 4 (B)

If your iPhone to watch in a round leather case, gosh this could be the case for you. OK, so it’s not real leather, but the substance is as good imitation and that means more cows now to have been injured. Go for leather (false) if it slipped out of his hand in a hard bump in the road, which means the gaps in the iPhone’s camera and volume buttons on the left that the functionality of iPhone is not affected by his new patron. Best of all, it comes with a transparent protective film for free against scratches and smudges on your screen to avoid iPhone.

From: iGearUSA
Price: $ 18.99
Link: NeoGear Deluxe Carbon Fiber Leather Case

2nd Ted Baker Leather Case for iPhone 4 Style – women

Another for the girls, this stylish leather case, wrap-around iPhone 4, protection against the elements while looking incredibly impressive to all your friends. Leather with a soft touch on the outside of this beautiful case keeps the interior of the Ted Baker signature poppy flower shows on the food and the flap on the front cover of a small mirror to make sure you ‘re always looking at best if you go with your iPhone

From: Proporta
Price: $ 54.95
Link: Ted Baker Leather Style

third Ted Baker Leather Case Apple iPhone Style 4 – Men

OK girls, boys move on, because one way or need advice, and, you know? If you’re the coolest guy in the room when the iPhone is ringing, then you need here, a design style leather gives your iPhone a much-needed protection against the enemies of keys and coins, the case is Available in two styles, with a blue screen or a brown leather classic feel. Whatever you choose, you know that your iPhone is well protected and easily the best phone is accessorized.

From: Proporta
Price: $ 54.95
Link: Ted Baker Leather Style

fourth NeoGear luxury leather pouch case with belt clip 4 Clip for iPhone (Black)

Who said case to be fair to handguns? If you have a case that safety accessories and radiator, then look NeoGears luxury leather case pouch that you attach to your belt to ensure your iPhone always like to achieve in your arms! They are constantly calls during the day and then the fishing can your iPhone from his pocket to get something lighter tiresomethe solution, your iPhone is in the holster to keep! You can fold padded cover faster than you can say hello? or if you are super busy even if holster allows access to headphone jack iPhone Sun that you can speak, even if your phone is locked away

From: iGearUSA
Price: 14.99 $
Link: NeoGear luxury leather case

5 NeoGear Deluxe Leather Snap-On Protective for Apple iPhone 4 (B)

Now is

cool. If you really treat your iPhone in a leather bag that looks very secure fashion and do, this is the case for you. The case snaps on your iPhone 4 that is in place to prevent your iPhone, you need a sheet, provided it falls on hard ground. This is not stuffing in your pocket because the case is only 1mm thick, so your iPhone stylish 4, only a fraction is thicker, but is also a very much better protected. Moreover, the leather case looks like an elephant’s skin, which is really, really cool.

From: iGearUSA
Price: $ 11.99
Link: NeoGear luxury leather pouch Snap-On

sixth Case Mate iPhone 4 leather hipsters

Hip Holster proves again here that theres always the possibility of a cowboy in the 21’s century. Designed to make your iPhone case, only 4s (do not know how to use a plastic casing around it, theres no need first!), Clips leather hipster on your belt and gives you the opportunity to respond to your iPhone into a no time. What really comes through here the quality and workmanship, and if you have a decent life, an event lasting hipster who break the bank usually does not look any further

Casemate Price:. $ 29.99
Link:> iPhone 4 leather hipster

/ 4 leather

seventh Zagg iPhone

Zagg their eyes when they really have in designing their iPhone where derma 4s of 100% cowhide, calfskin embossed with premium design on the skin. IPhone used to look up the Hoedown with a variety of models of alligator, lizard and ostrich on the ground with the choice of the surface is black, beige and premium, (photo). to go the extra mile, they can throw invisibleSHIELD Screen coverage for an additional $ 15, or you can walk freely as the Apple iPhone!

From: Zagg
Price: $ 34.99

leather hides

8 iPhone 4 will Zagg Sport leather skin

you are a fan sports, which protect your iPhone, do not accept any substitutes for the case Zagg sports leather skin! If your favorite sport is baseball, football or baseball, Zagg cases have you in shape. And with a sense of design similar to the case by default and genuine leather, the surface is inspired by the big three American sports and are sure to keep any sports fan happy, knowing that his iPhone is devoted to a case of protection of their favorite pastime, hobby or passion.

From: Zagg
Price: $ 29.99
Link: Zagg Sport Leather Skin Case

ninth iPhone Alu-Leather Case 4

If you like to dress to impress, then chances are if you want more sophisticated than the money you can buy for your iPhone 4, well, it’s here. Manufactured from only the best quality leather, this case offers a protective coating of aluminum plate that protects your iPhone from the hardest bangs and crashes. My friend used one of these cases for some time and has no complaints, the magnetic strip, the closure of leather is a nice touch, because it prevents the flutter case anywhere you go with him, hold your hand. You can also use a removable belt clip, so you can wear on your hipnice.

From: Proporta
Price: $ 42.95
Link: Proporta Alu-Leather doubled

10th Ted Baker Patent Leather Style Pouch Apple iPhone 4 – Women

This is likely to have been the most stylish iPhone case ever. With an oversized zipper in the back of this satin lined case, the iPhone will never be fashionable as the zip in this case, Ted Baker together. Complementing black and red, is the paint on your iPhone 4 shocks and scratches, while ensuring that you are the coolest cat in the room, like your iPhone to protect a call of the spirit of Miles Davis decompress Answer. Designed to attract women in mind, but a confident man, he could easily down, this case seems to put the iPhone on the podium.

From: Proporta
Price: $ 39.95
Link: Ted Baker Patent Leather Style

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