10 Best iPhone Apps For Watching Your Money

You always hear in those days. Every penny counts, especially in this economy. The people praised the frugality and Pirates of the economic situation here in America and around the world. And while the economy begins to show new upward trend, things are always difficult for many people there (as a student, I am well versed in the art, bad). So for all the clips penny you there, (the iPhone madness on one), here are 10 applications that help you make the most of what tickets are worth in your portfolio.

first Mortgage Calculator Pro ~ Developer: Update Software SVT: November 22, 2010 Price: $ 0.99

Since I’ve never even a house, I confess that knows very little about mortgages must hold. Fortunately Mortgage Calculator Pro makes it very simple and easy to understand. Clean presentation with well-defined areas. Numeric keys big enough for an ogre without double tap. You can even use it for other, non-house as part of loans. It will also give you something called amortization schedule that shows you, month after month, the distribution of payments, interest, principal, and balance. Who, apparently a peek at some of these figures, it is a bad joke or a method for inducing a heart attack. However, the computer is fast, accurate, and ready for both the personal and professional use.

2 ~

Square Developer: Square update, Inc.: March 14, 2011 Price: Free

We all have that friend. Or maybe you are a friend. The whos too happy to lend money, but weeks later, also if you can really use a refund because you have a date was given in the evening or grandmothers in the hospital, in the comfort of cash (they have theyre still looks unpleasant shock on spare parts, though). Now, with room to support its much easier this mooch in a corner. Any user who logs will be sent (totally free to do her) a special iAttachment (call it what you want) for reading credit cards. Enter the amount to be calculated simply and run that sucker through. Sign-up is a breeze, even if it is necessary, of course, to an account so that money goes somewhere. Of course, the ease (and safety), with which transactions can be made, this app is perfect way for small businesses and retailers that are on the road a lot. Square, Inc. to make ends meet in all of these needs if you’re curious, why the fate of your money to a company whose business model seems to be just always give all parties confidence. Each transaction is to pay a service fee of 2.75% for one low price for the comfort of some services and facilities, and worth the cost.

third iCurrency Pad ~ Developer: Update Software Corp. Sollico: November 8, 2010 Price: $ 0.99 src

There is nothing like landing in a foreign country, beginning devilish glad to get your well deserved vacation, and reached into the purse are invited to the … with the currency of your country of origin. Well, shit. So what? God knows, the locals are just going to point and laugh at you when you ask them to exchange rates, and that stupid little overpriced guide you to the bookstore to buy the airport is not safe help you. Or maybe you’re looking to invest abroad, but who are your customers that the paid in Turkish lira. What a holiday or risk budding capitalist to do? Check iCurrency Sollicos converter, that’s what! With a user interface easy to use (available in 9 different languages), maps to a particular exchange rate history for you as a decade, and just about any type of money that could be compared to Hope you can find the late night scanning through which countries would love you like a king by the € 20 found in a coat pocket old the other day.

fourth portfolio to live ~ Developer: Turing Studios, LLC. Updated: March 14, 2011 Price: $ 5.99 search />

, we get it. You’re a busy man to make things happen with. Youre also like to see us for the ill common with the suit of $ 1,000 and $ 1,000 and $ 1,000 of your Bluetooth headset and your eyebrow gel $ 1,000. Its going well (although it is not, but whatever). But how a guy as revised and undersexed you need to check its stocks and sells clumsy curse on these passersby Shouldve or why have not I heard of Jerry? Well, it PorfolioLive HERE to go too expensive dream of yours a reality. It provides real-time updates for NASDAQ NYSE obsessive-market champion. intuitive graphics, you can the history and development of specific stocks. options “Buy” and “Sell” enable immediate responses to changes in the liquid market. multi-currency transactions to enable a variety of tasks in international markets as well. All in the comfort of your bathroom stall executive.

fifth GasBuddy ~ Developer: GasBuddy Organization, Inc. Updated: March 21, 2011 Price: Free

essentially a sinister master. Their constant fluctuation of prices keep many consumers is on the board throughout the year. Whether running our cars or heat our houses and to satisfy our inner pyro, gas is a lifeline of all kinds for many of us in this modern world. For those who want (or not) by bike, on foot or by car to convert a polar bear, or at least an electric car – gas buddy is there to ensure your precious black gold is as cheap as possible. With a vast network of users constantly updates the prices of petrol stations across Canada and the U.S. shuttle in the morning and travel the same road a bit cheaper. In addition to hand-GPS surveys and reports regularly updated information, GasBuddy Organization Inc. provides its users with points for each gas prices, what could you win if one of the cards Gift of $ 250 gas away each week. Sunset!

sixth daily expenses ~ Developer: ieosoft.com Updated: February 1, 2011 Price: $ 1.99

We are all behind a senior in the beltline that emphasizes control and ensure that their accounts are balanced since communicate. It’s frustrating, but keep personal finances in order is an important part of being a responsible adult that we all (* laugh *). But what if your handwriting is terrible, and you can not tell if thats $ 100 or $ 1000 dollars remaining in your account? What if you do not slide checkbooks and pens and personal tax advisors to feel around with you? Someone can not do anything on your phone? Well, someone has ieosoft.com. daily expenses, you can easily and quickly you manage your spending with customizable categories, color-keyed, handy chart summaries, and add the desired images of the items purchased and the corresponding receipt (s). The presentation clean, organized, and elegant means your spending habits are clearly vibrant. Whether it’s a good thing, well …

seventh Splitter ~ Vendor Trip: Update Software Arts DC: February 22, 2011 Price: $ 1.99

That way a small local restaurant for lunch or a grand tour of Europe, always travel with more experienced friends. Especially when the bills arrive. The distribution of the test can work for or against you, depending on how much you spent compared to the group. If you’ve spent more than any other, you’ll need a tie, and if you spent less, you’ll want to split the bill uneven. The key is to always verify that you are splitting the bill. app with this fantasy, you’re the best candidate (unless Mr. Math Genius is round). Even so, the application of a measure along the travel expenses of the most complex and help you sort them by color, user-friendly manner. With tons of options, who pays, how they paid what they owed or to whom and how, and what amounts in different currencies, Trip-splitter a great way that everyone will make your next trip paid their fees.

eighth Bloomberg ~ Developer: Bloomberg LP Update: March 3, 2011 Price: Free

If you’re like me, to hear the idea of ​​sitting in a cluttered desk broker not just drone on portfolios of stocks and investment opportunities and strategies market have you dancing on the table in excitement. Am I saying you need to replace the advice of a man (and highly paid) professionals with the whims and fancies of your iPhone? Not yet. Think about Bloomberg as a good complement for a second opinion. Through the magic of advanced market (I know nothing about stocks), this application provides professional advice and strategic analysis on market trends and leaders, and investments are worth the search. It also allows you to create customized lists of stocks to track you want on the world markets. In addition to real-time information and actions to the minute news, you also have access to enterprise data and descriptions of the camp’s history, to ensure that you, you can pay most companies to invest.

ninth Pageonce: Money & Bills ~ Developer: Pageonce, Inc. Updated: March 2, 2011 Price: Free

Money Management In few steps further Pageonce offers users a simple and powerful tool on the financial battlefield. Once the page (at your option, of course) access, switching banks, credit card companies or other similar you choose, safely and with utmost confidentiality. It keeps track of bill payments, account management and investment values, and even frequent miles, mobile minutes, or text and data usage (for those of you with itchy fingers typing). recorded for each of us put in the memory bank, changed Pageonce also provides useful reminders of payments due or important messages. Summaries made, with beautiful calendars and interactive menus, security guarantees and a nice price tag free Pageonce: 10 Money & Bills is a solid investment for anyone

. ~ PayPal Developer: PayPal Update: February 21, 2011 Price: Free

Your nephew just graduated from high school and you do not want to approve the uncle, who has not as a gift, but the kid just sort of weird you will prefer not to interact with him. Or maybe you’re an entrepreneur and you need to pay your employees under the table, but do not trust because they hid the cameras and they always eat ATM card. Or you hate deposit your check to the bank, because the lady behind the counter to look through his eyes and you feel lazy to poor little chain the pens to the wrong counter. PayPal solves all these problems and much more! Send money discreetly someone with a PayPal account. Payments made by employers (or gullible friends) you can connect to a personal account or a special debit card PayPal. You can even automatically store images of your order to change what you know. IPhone app, you can even push your phone with others, to transfer money, if your business happens to be the illegal sale of school supplies for urban youth. All the money that you can imagine the chaos affect one finger.

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