10 Best Hard Cases For iPhone 4

As our iPhones so precious to us will be quite an investment in something solid to protect the ends of the world. Of course, a fancy rubber casing looks cool, but it will really help your iPhone a 3-foot drop to survive a taxi after having been for many a Friday night? Heres a list of the ten best hard cases for iPhone 4, we have assembled for you.

first aluminum case with leather strap for iPhone 4 (B)

If you feel like one of the best in the hard case that you use your iPhone to go, so it is. As constructed from lightweight aluminum metal, he slips a very cool touch, not too smooth as the source. The interior is lined with how you got it or you scratch your iPhone as you store it safely.

$ 10.99 Link: aluminum housing with leather strap for iPhone 4

2 Aegis Trident Series Case for Apple iPhone 4 (blue)

This case is blue that can help you, your iPhone, if you want to dig into their pockets in the dark, it offers a robust real protection because of its layers silicone polycarbonate inner and outer disk. This very fashionable and will definitely protect your iPhone from even the most violent of drops.

$ 29.95 Link: Aegis Trident Series Case for Apple iPhone 4

OtterBox Defender Series for the third iPhone 4 (hot pink plastic with silicone white)

The pink plastic case, not everyone’s taste, but for daring to try, all at the same time as protecting your iPhone feels very smooth and very fashion as well! It comes with an LCD screen without trim before to make sure your screen is scratched it a good buy, but worth the price

Link $ 33.99.:

OtterBox Defender Series for iPhone 4 (Hot Pink plastic with silicone white)

4 4 Metal Glider iPhone Case – Black

If you have a case that all functions of the iPhone (camera, screen, volume control, etc.), as a protection against scratches, dings and dents can then this case can not be a bad bet. The metal case has a very slight Glide that does not mean it is too hard in the pocket or bag, but it offers decent protection if dropped.

$ 28.95 Link: 4 Metal Glider iPhone Case – Black

fifth iPhone 4 gradient case – Blue

Cases iPhone 4 gradient blue finish has a nice fade on it the color of all the other cases I have seen his subtle charm and is really pleasing to the eye. But not all of the color, the thing is good protection against accidents, should be from your iPhone and provides a good grip for the iPhone in their hands, overall, a bit like a winner


Price: $ 27.95
Link: 4 gradient iPhone Case – Blue

6 Exclusive tphone Apple iPhone 4 100% hardwood case Back – Sonokeling Blackwood (Argyle Design)

number of cases is really interesting, especially at the rear of the original wooden design in the sense that your iPhone is really woodwork mass characteristics. EcoDSIGN is a very modern society in the sense that it is environmentally aware of its carbon footprint, all their records of environmental friendly material, and what they look cool in the process!

Price: $ 24.99
Link: Exclusive tphone Apple iPhone 4 100% hardwood case Back – Sonokeling Blackwood (Argyle Design)

seventh Lost Dog Original Apple iPhone 4 W Plastic / Screen Protector 7369-LDPW – You are wonderful on white

Perhaps the case most innovative and stylish

on this list, case series Lost Dog Bluetrek fantastic and as gifts for friends, family, or even home. The funky design will definitely make your iPhone stand out from the crowd and you can even download a screensaver Lost Dog adapted for your screen!

$ 24.99 Link: Original Apple iPhone Lost Dog 4 W / plastic screen protector

8. Luxury original iPhone 4

If it is not broke, do not fix it. Thats the philosophy of the original 4 Luxury iPhone has spawned many imitators in the same area, but we like its simple, efficient, metal body and silky smooth. Simple but very effective.

$ 29.99 Link: Original iPhone 4 Deluxe

ninth Apple iPhone 4 (CDMA) Snake Skin Print (coffee )

there is a real bargain and you love or hate design snakeskin leather coated case with his fake plastic disk, and its interior lined with flannel iPhone is sure to be cozy, warm and hold the sheath plastic to protect it against predators lurking nearby!

$ 8.99 Link: Apple iPhone 4 (CDMA) Snake Skin Print (Coffee)

10. Graphic iPhone Snap-on is 4 (Notes of the head)

For Goths, this case is a real treat and cheap at twice the price. The design of the skull seems very close to authentic and hard polycarbonate snaps directly onto your iPhone and resist any evil spirits. The case has a rubberized non-slip surface, it sticks in hand, wherever you go.

$ 9.99 Link: Graphic Snap-on iPhone 4 (skull-Notes)

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