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Do Movies & TV – Last Updated: March 23, 2011 Developer: IMDb, Price: Free src =

The last movie source of information is a must. If you’re a movie fan and havent this site may be heard then missed. It contains information on virtually every movie and TV show you’ve ever heard, and even those who are really obscure that you havent. There are anecdotes, margins, biographies, reviews, recommendations, trailers, release dates and more. This should be the first choice for movie quiz.


Quizzler Movie Updated: 11 November 2010 developer: W3 Innovations, LLC Price: Free src =

The average for watching movies see many movies in a month. But unlike the way of conversation, where no guest / disk, how any film quiz, which is another way, you definitely must demonstrate superior knowledge? Movie Quizzler has over 1,200 questions to test familiarity with movies, old and new. Issues ranging the_____ by him? Katharine Hepburn, who tied for the Oscar for best actress? With multiple choice options, you can test your own snacks championship or challenge your friends in impromptu quiz sessions. You explain what you know and what you’re not surprised. Oh, and you also win tix to buy the game pieces of jewelry, just because.

third 6DOH Updated: January 14, 2011 Developer: Asendu, LLC Price: 1.19 src = app

The second match of the list is a lot of fun. Remember the movie Six, Six Degrees of Separation, “which is on the theory of the same name? Now this game on the theory, but focuses on the world of Hollywood. Hence the name, Degrees of Hollywood. The idea is that you have given a connection Actors and actresses of the films have also found the thread, they have links. is for filmmakers, this application is a great addition to your iPhone as a game to play with friends. Sometimes simple, surprisingly difficult at other times, there are a lot of content and a pressure of 2 minutes, adding time for each round will ensure that your desire to show your movie knowledge quiz will be satisfied.

fourth RunPee Mobile – Update: September 14, 2010 Developer: Software Price: Free

For me, a Large part of the theatrical experience is the snack. Popcorn, pick n mix, coke, chocolate, etc. And if, like me, you always get the largest possible size, then you’re probably the same problem as me, all of a sudden the need to use toilets. But the journey will cost a considerable part must be hard for your wages earned and there is no way it would be a significant part of the film miss just because you are your bladder is not the challenge. Well, now they no longer care. Runpee serves a purpose, if you know where are the moments during the movie, if you do not miss the vital action, dialogue or action, and tells you everything that happens. It keeps you current with movies, is currently playing in theaters and gives you directions to go when and how long you have been a simple backup

VEVO fifth – Update: .. April 25, 2011, Developer: VEVO, LLC Price: Free

All People love music videos. Okay, maybe not everyone, but for those who want to do is this great app. you have activated in your hand, the power for just about any artist in music history music video search and find videos of music with them. With Live performances and music videos, the world of music videos at your fingertips. You are also updates on the release, including whether the latest video, hottest videos and materials. you can in your account and create your own playlists, you do not need to search your favorite videos anytime and be able to share or download the video. There are also snippets of information while the loading time of each artist, you prevent anxiety mounted during these 10-15 seconds. bored with a very clean interface is an application Vevo impressive

sixth Phone Flicks – Update 2. July 2010 Developer: Moov Corporation, Price: Free


point local video store to rent / buy the latest movies quickly fade . Flicks phone is the free iPhone application that lets you Netflix queue on the road. manage I remember once while out, or I saw a movie I wanted to see a bump or add to my collection, only to find that Ive forgotten the name says. Well, not anymore. Just add / delete / move movies in your Netflix queue and keep an eye on your rental history. Flicks phone also allows you to search their catalog of over 100,000 movies and see the recommendations and advice.

seventh-Orange Wednesdays Updated: September 15, 2010 Developer: Orange UK, Price: Free <p” “/>

There one reason I chose this software over similar applications include the addition of the 2 for 1 tickets on Wednesday. Even if you do orange on the network, the cost of an SMS message, you can code 241 and bring a friend. It would be meaningless if the rest of the application does not stand on its own. It automatically searches for theaters near your current location or you can specify a location. In the end, as I know, it covers all companies in the film, and you updated with the time of the film and abstracts .. Reviews and features coming No worries, no stress

eighth My Movies for iPhone Pro – Updated: April 13, 2011 Developer: Binnerup Consult, Price: 2,99

Do you have a large collection of movies, either physically or in terms of bits? large enough to allow you to continue a difficult time, that it? So this app might be the answer to your dilemma. My Movies for iPhone Pro is a convenient and user-friendly logging your purchases, you will not be accidentally double-purchase terms with the same title. You will be able to change the name, date of purchase taking format, genre, and others to maintain order in your collection. In this you can keep track of titles they friends, so you do not you suddenly with a small loan stocks. Its your own. Catalogue of films in the bag

ninth Location Scout – Updated: April 28, 2011 Developer: Jeff Gilfelt, Price: Free

It was surprisingly entertaining. You can immediately find locations for many movies. I found the first few seconds of opening the application, The Man Who Knew Too Much filmed a few minutes from where I live has been I havent seen the movie and I found it fascinating (I have impression of having to watch it is, so I can fully appreciate them). The application site lists the address and map to find them. You can order by film title and place name search if you’re curious claim to fame. One of these applications allow you to return to the novelty value alone, I recommend, especially for film buffs.


Oscars – Updated: February 4, 2011 Developer: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Price: Free

heard of it? You probably think Ive my own article misunderstood the title and I’m happy with the 10 best award shows, writing for film. Not at all. ‘S first point of interest, that the forecasts in competition with friends to see who can take over for the next Oscar winner. At the time of writing, not for tomorrow, but the possibility of one month in advance is clearly earning the rights of jubilation. The second point of interest is it possible to search all past winners Oscar by category or by year. third point of interest is updated with news, videos and photos, not exhaustive, nor is a decent free application

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